sINCE 1963

Tagliabue mobili, fondata nel 1963 dall’intuizione aziendale dei quattro fratelli tagliabue, lorenzo, roberto, rino e teresio È attualmente un’azienda italiana fortemente competitiva nel settore artigiano/industriale del mobile.

Nowadays, Tagliabue Mobili is managed by their successors, Luisa, Alberto, Silvano and Anna, who while keeping it as a family-run business, have an on-going commitment to the company’s growth and success. With its strong ties to the Brianza area, the company - with premises covering 20,000 sq.m., including 14,000 devoted to production is continuously evolving with the use of cutting-edge machinery, but without renouncing the stamp of craftsmanship deeply rooted in Brianza, like its founders.


The company’s aim is to guarantee its customers competitive, quality, customizable bedroom furniture. This is made possible by continuous research and experimentation carried out in-house from the design office to production. A continuously changing, elegant showroom with bed and wardrobe collections is located on the premises.


Tagliabue, thanks to its experience and design flexibility, is able to understand contract spaces and it is also able to identify the best solutions in terms of functionality and aesthetics. All the projects will be completely customized. Each type of choice in terms of materials, finishes and colors will be important and fundamental to define new and original scenery.